Cat Sitting

We Know Cats.

Though the name says Around Town Hound we’re passionate about cats, too! So excited about cats, in fact, that during 2018 we will transition to Meow Cat Sitting – a pet sitting service specializing in care for just cats!

From shy cats that take longer to grant their trust, to rough & tumble kitties who love to chase and play, we love caring for your feline fur-kids. 

Do you treat your kitties like royalty? Feed them quality food? Give them lots of playtime, cuddles, brushing, and love? We will care for them as you do, and incorporate some kitty magic to help them feel relaxed and comfortable while you’re away.

Cat Sitter Arden NC

Kitty Care includes:

Time with your cats: Whether they are playful or shy, they receive our full and undivided attention – on their terms.

Enrichment and playtime: We develop a relationship with your pets. Play with them, encourage exercise and incorporate enrichment activities to keep them from feeling bored or lonely.

Comfort: We work hard to develop a relationship with your cats so they have a familiar friend to care for them when you must be away. Your cats will eat their regular meals from clean food dishes and enjoy fresh, clean water every day.  We scoop their litter at every visit, check the house for mistakes, and clean up little messes they may leave behind

Medications and Special Needs: If your kitties are on special meal plans or require medications we are trained and skilled at administering oral or subcutaneous medications. We do our best to emulate the method and routine you use for their special needs care.

Litter Box Care, Feeding, Fresh Water and Loads of Attention.

Cat Sitting Visits starting at $22 per visit.Cat Sitter Asheville, NC

Your customized cat sitting price will depend on the number of cats in your tribe, and the time it takes to properly accommodate their care.  We’re not Dish and Dash cat sitters.   We build a relationship with and spend time with your cats to ensure they have everything they need to feel content and comfortable when you’re away.

Holiday Visits

There are certain peak holidays for which we charge a little bit more. We follow a strict No Overbooking policy to ensure the quality of our care for your cats during our busiest times of the year. 

Major Holidays: Add $8 per visit to all visits for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Minor Holidays: Add $5 per visit for the following Holidays and Holiday weekends:  Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, and Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday to Sunday).


How many visits do my cats need?

Most Cats who are healthy and do not require medications will do very well with one cat sitting visit per day.  

Cats who would appreciate extra attention, require medications or special meal times will need two visits per day.  Kittens under 6 months require two visits per day.

We require that we see your cats at least once every 24 hours and do not offer Every-Other-Day cat visits.