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Perhaps life is keeping you busy and you don’t have time to exercise your dogs as much as they need.  Do you have a high energy dog that needs a longer walk, or an elder dog who requires a gentle stroll? Maybe a dog that needs help with weigh management?

Let us walk your dogs for you! 

Each walk is tailored to your dog’s individual needs.  Whether your dog requires a vigorous pace or a gentle, casual stroll we accommodate the walk that is right for them.  Pet Waste bags, fresh water, and lots of praise and love are included.

For your dog’s safety, all of our walks are on-leash adventures. 

Individual Dog Walks

No monthly commitment required.  Schedule walks as you need them.

20 minutes  $20

30 minutes $25

45 minutes  $32

60 minutes  $39

Dog Walk services are available 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday thru Friday. 

Regular Daily Dog Walk Service

Five 30 minute walks per week.  Only $105/week!

We ask you for a two-month commitment to begin Regular Daily Dog Walk service.  Please give us a call if you have questions. We are happy to explain the finer paw-prints and our Dog Walking service requirements.

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When it comes to dog walking, we take the job seriously. 

Your dog’s walk is usually the highlight of their day, so we do our best to make it a great experience.

"More than just a dog walker - Maripage is invested in my dog's well being." - Julie F

“More than just a dog walker – Maripage is invested in my dog’s well being.” – Julie F

When we first arrive we say our hello’s and take a moment for tail wags and belly rubs. It’s a little ritual that reminds your dogs we are there to bring them good stuff and fun.

Before we go anywhere your dogs are securely outfitted with their leashes and harnesses. During the first few minutes of their walk your dogs can mosey at the pace that pleases them. This ensures plenty of time to read the “P-Mail” and take care of important doggie business.

Your dog’s walk is tailored to their individual needs, depending on your dog’s age, health and overall well-being. The walk may vary from a gentle stroll to a vigorously paced walk. It all depends on what is best for your dog, and what they need on that day.

After the walk, your dogs will spend a few minutes cooling down. They have time to drink some water, enjoy any treats you have left for them, or enjoy their afternoon meal. We don’t leave until each one of your dogs is showing us they are relaxed and settled.

We will send you detailed notes about your dog’s walk. Anything that comes up, we will note it. Especially if your dog is having a good time.

No Pack Walks – This means we only walk dogs one household at a time, to ensure safety and pleasure for your dogs. Your dogs deserve our undivided attention and a stress-free walk experience.

About the poop… We care about our beautiful mountains, trails, parks and your neighborhoods. We always pick up and properly dispose of pet waste. Poop bags are included in dog walk service.

Call today to arrange dog walk service for your furry kids. 828-216-0161 

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