Our Services

Cat Care

We Know Cats!  Even though the name says Around Town Hound have a great passion for cats. Maripage with Duke a gorgeous Egyptian Mau

From shy cats that take longer to grant their trust, to rough & tumble kitties who love to chase and play, we love caring for your feline fur-kids.  So much, we even have cats-only sitters on staff to care for our more discerning kitty clients.

Do you treat your kitties like royalty? Feed them quality food? Give them lots of playtime, cuddles, brushing, and love? We will care for them as you do, and incorporate some kitty magic to help them feel relaxed and comfortable while you’re away. (Learn More)


Dog Walking

Asheville Dog WalkerFresh air, Healthy Exercise, and loads of one-on-one attention for just your dog. Your Around Town Hound dog walker takes your dogs on a private walk around your neighborhood for a fun and safe experience.  Happy dogs every time. We offer regular dog walking service and occasional walks to help you keep your dogs happy and healthy. (Learn More)

Special Services…

Summer Garden watering

If you’re out of town during Summer months we will be happy to water veggie gardens or outdoor patio gardens for an additional charge.

Pet Supplies Shopping

Don’t have time to shop for your pet? Forgot to buy more petfood before your trip? Want us to restock your pet supplies before returning home from a trip?  We’ll be happy to help.  Leave us a list and we’ll do the shopping for you.


Ready to Schedule Services? 

New Clients, please call us at (828) 216-0161 or use the contact form to the right.  We will contact you the same day to discuss your pet’s care needs, and set up a New Client Interview.  

Current Clients, please Call us, Email us, or use the Time To Pet App.  Don’t have the App on your phone?  You can download it for free from your app-store.

The New Client Interview

Selecting the right pet care professionals for your pets is important. We want to ensure we are the right fit for you and your pets, so our New Client Interview is complimentary. 

Please note: We do not confirm or commit to a NEW Dog Walking or Cat Sitting assigments until we have conducted the New Client Interview.

What to expect During your appointment:

We will meet with you and your pets, and spend some time getting to know you. We discuss your pet’s care needs and gather all the information we need to provide the best care possible.

Please have these items ready for your New Client Interview:

  1. Two (2) copies of your house key
  2. Your pet’s latest veterinary records showing proof of vaccinations.
  3. Your payment information.  We accept all major credit cards.

We pick up your house key.  A house key is required for all services, even for households with key-less entry or garage access codes. We do not accept a client unless we have key to keep on file.

We collect your payment information. We do not charge any money at the New Client Interview, we only collect your payment information.

We verify Vaccinations. We require your pets be up to date on their Rabies vaccinations.  All other vaccinations we leave to your discretion – as these may change with your pet’s age, overall health and lifestyle.  Please have your most current veterinary records or Titer test results available for the New Client Interview.

We discuss Pet medications – If your pets are on any medications, please have the medications out so we can verify the dosage and collect instructions for administering meds.

Alarm systems – if you have an alarm system on your home, depending on the service provider you can set a unique alarm code for our use.  We don’t want to know or have your master code.  Please have this alarm code set up prior to your New Client Interview, as we will ask you to show us how to arm/disarm the alarm system.