Pet First Aid & CPR Training

The Premiere Pet First Aid & CPR Training Program


Pet First Aid & CPR Classes in Asheville, NC

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September 23,  10:00am-3:00pm  Sold Out!

October 21, 10:00am-3:00pm  Sold Out!

March 17, 2018   April 14, 2018    May 12, 2018  Aug 11, 2018 


Sept 15, 2018    Oct 20, 2018    Nov 10, 2018

 In this class you will learn Pet First Aid, CPR, Choking management, Bleeding protocols, How to properly muzzle and restrain a pet, about poisoning, heat/cold injuries and more.

Being prepared is the key.  Most pet emergencies are preventable. Learn to keep your pets safe, and how to confidently care for them when they need you most.


Who can use Pet First Aid & CPR training?

Pet Parents, Pet Professionals, Groomers, Doggie Daycare, Emergency Personnel (Fire, Police, EMT), Vet Techs, Pet Foster Parents, Animal Rescue Volunteers.  Anyone who owns or works with pets.

Class Price $100 per person.

Have questions?  Please Call:  (828) 216-0161

 “As a pet parent who wants to be the best caregiver I can to my fur babies, I can’t recommend this class enough!! Maripage is fun and engaging and the hands on practice is excellent. We traveled from Knoxville to take this class and I’m so much more confident now about my ability to handle any emergency that may arise with my dogs.”– Janice P.

  • Pet First Aid & CPR Training
  • Pet First Aid & CPR Training
  • Pet First Aid & CPR Training
  • Pet First Aid & CPR Training